Donald Sultan

Donald Sultan on POP Fine Art

American painter, sculptor. Donald Sultan is one of the most celebrated Contemporary artists. His work examines the seam of beauty that lies between abstraction and the natural world. His first solo exhibition was in 1977 and since then, his work has been shown in many collective and personal exhibitions in museums throughout the world. Known for his use of uncustomary materials such as dead leaves, melted rubber, tar and oilcloths, he typically builds his images by spreading tar or rubber over the canvas then proceeds to paint, scratch, cut or burn the images into the fabric. There are two different types of paintings Sultan tends to depict. The first is of seemingly simple figures such as lemons, eggs, flowers and butterflies. Their simplicity is contrasted with the complexity of the derivation of their form. The second type showcases urban landscapes, scenes of battle and views of factories. These images are more difficult to interpret with their undefined outlines and their variations in shade and light. Sultan is additionally a successful sculptor and printmaker.